In the business world, some have articulated that it is all about respect and revenue. Yet, in the ministry world, respect and revenue are obviously important; but relationships are paramount. I cannot think of anything significant that does not flow out of relationships. While I as preparing, “How To Make Your Net Work,” considerable amount of time was given to thinking about “the tying of relational knots.”

Here are the steps to tying relational knots:
1.  Enable A Conversation With A Leader
2.  Examine The Calendar To Meet With The Leader
3.  Enjoy Commonness Between Leaders
4.  Establish The Cause With The Leader
5.  Exemplify Your Commitment Before The Leader
•   Know When To:
•   Wash The Nets
•   Mend The Nets
•   Cast The Nets
6.  Enhance Your Compassion For The Leader
7.  Expand Your Circle With Other Leaders