Gutenberg to Google


with Dr. James O. Davis

Coaching for Pastors and Christian Leaders on the Practices & Processes of Effective Preaching & Communication

Dr. James O. Davis is devoted to helping pastors, ministers and Christian leaders develop and deliver more powerful, life-changing presentations of biblical truth for greater impact in their churches, communities, and beyond. Not an ivorytower lecture series, Gutenberg to Google is personal, practical, interactive coaching by Dr. Davis, a seasoned preaching practitioner who is considered one of the finest Gospel communicators in the world today.

In 10 live online sessions, interact in real-time with Dr. James O. Davis and a small cohort of pastors/leaders as you discover the spiritual, personal and practical components involved in communicating biblical truth to diverse audiences.

Coaching Outcomes

  1. Develop and articulate definitions and descriptions of communicating biblical truth, and learn how to apply these concepts to your listeners.
  2. Identify basic elements of persuasive invitations and know how to apply them in your sermons.
  3. Explore priorities and principles related to text selection and an on-going preaching/ teaching ministry.
  4. Develop a deeper understanding of the importance of the life of the communicator to the actual communication of biblical truth.
  5. Learn and apply general hermeneutical and homiletical principles and procedures in your sermon preparation process.
  6. Assess various aspects of vocal, verbal and visual communication.
  7. Learn the powerful steps to preaching with few or no notes.
  8. Increase your understanding of the roles and goals of dynamic media elements to reinforce your message.
  9. Master the eight-step process to developing and delivering life-changing messages.
  10. Learn how to design an annual preaching calendar to help save time and ensure greater quality in your sermons.

Books Three Tremendous Textbooks!

  • Davis, James O. Gutenberg To Google: The Twenty Indispensable Laws of Communication, Billion Soul Publishers, 2009.
  • Olford, Stephen and David. Anointed Expository Preaching, Broadman and Holman, 1998.
  • Sweet, Leonard. Giving Blood: Fresh Paradigm for Preaching, Zondervan, 2014.

Coaching Schedule


Review of Schedule The Top Laws of Communication Motivation: What It Is


The Eight-Step Process of Sermonizing Main Methods of the Mind: How People Think Motivating Your Audience

Coaching SESSION 3

Preaching for the Ear The Verbal, Vocal and Visual in Presentations Executing Exposition for Today


Learning from Great Preachers Cultivating Creativity Throughout Your Preaching Years Preaching to the Whole Person


Hermeneutical Principles From
the Text to the Times Unlocking Mysteries & Secrets


Homiletical Practices The Point,
the Picture & the Package Becoming a Communication Bridge


Delivering Powerful Invitations
Beginning with the End in Mind br Keeping Your Audience’s Attention


Preaching with Few or No Notes Moving from Memorized to Organized Building Mind Muscles


Incorporating PowerPoints & Media Creative Rules for Audience Impact Filing for the Future


Developing a Preaching Calendar
Maximizing Results & Minimizing Time Casting Vision Through Preaching

Post-Session (Optional)

Develop a complete 1800-word sermon manuscript for the ear, incorporating the communication principles learned during the coaching sessions. Dr. Davis will review the manuscript thoroughly and provide helpful insights on becoming a stronger biblical communicator.

James O Davis Dr. James O. Davis holds a B.A. and M.A. in Bible, an MDiv in Pastoral Leadership, and a DMin in Preaching. More importantly, over the last 40 years, he has given approximately 10,000 biblical presentations in 130 nations, with audience sizes ranging from 10 to 3 million. Dr. Davis is a recognized authority on effectively combining the academic and the practical in order to present life-changing, biblical messages to all ages in all cultures.