Ten years ago today, Dr. Bill Bright graduated for his eternal reward.  It is hard for me to comprehend that a decade has now passed before our eyes.  I use to often say, “I find it very hard to keep with him.”  We served together in the twilight years of his life.  Here are some networking principles that have passed the test of time that I learned from Dr. Bright:

Bill Bright and James Davis 2001 cropped

1.  The Relationship Principle: It is a complement to ask people to do great things.  You are saying that they are big people and are capable of achieving it.

2.  The Vision Principle: Small dreams never inflame the hearts of great people.  Dream big!

3.  The Growth Principle: I learn this following principle through a personal experience.  It is better to serve with people who know there is more of the Lord for them and hungry for Him, than to serve with people who believe that they have all there is and no longer hungry for more.

4.  The Connection Principle:  When the Lord is placing a big idea  in your mind, He is also placing the same idea in the minds of others.  The Holy Spirit knows how to pull the right people together to achieve this “God-given” idea.

5.  The Priority Principle:  The two great privileges in life can be summed up in knowing Christ and leading others to know Him.  Let your life become a reflection of these two privileges and you will live a prioritized life.

The latest statistics on death are one of one.  Sooner or later, if the Lord tarries in His coming, all of us will kiss the face of death.  Though Dr. Bright has been gone for a decade, his words still speak today.  I look forward to seeing him in heaven and to tell him that in our generation at least one billion people came to Christ.