I am fortunate to be releasing this month, How To Make Your Net  Work.  This networking resource contains eleven strategic steps to tying relational knots for global impact.  Over the last 15 years, I have studied and applied networking throughout the body of Christ.  After developing and deploying the Billion Soul Network, I believed it was time to outline carefully the eleven steps required to tying relational knots for global impact.  Once you have read this book, your worldview will never be the same!

From reading How to Make Your Net Work, you will learn:

  1. How to turn your personal mission into a powerful movement.
  2. How to begin with the end in mind and build a network to achieve it.
  3. How to network with busy leaders and gain their favor for a higher cause.
  4. How to tie relationships knots together for impact in your personal and professional life.
  5. How to find your personal role in God’s eternal goal.
  6. How to apply the five encouraging secrets to staying focused and motivated until your mission is accomplished.
  7. How to select and invite people to join your cause.
  8. How to set goals and to measure the level of their networking effectiveness.
  9. How to communicate, both privately and publicly, with the appropriate messaging to motivate people to follow you.
  10. How to create a powerful inner circle and add compounding value to each member.