“I believe networkers are some of the most creative people on the planet.  They see ahead of time what kind of net they are tying together.  Even though it may not make sense to other around them; they know exactly what they are doing and the relational ropes come together to form powerful partnership knots.  Be sure to learn how to tie as many different kinds of knots as possible so you can maximize more situations than you have ever imagined so far.
From time to time, I sit quietly reflecting over the friends and colleagues the Lord has placed in my life.  Then, I earnestly pray that the Lord will give me wisdom and discernment as to how I can add compounding value to as many leaders as possible.  I challenge you to take some time soon and make a list of the people that are in the circumference of your life.  You will be surprised as to how many this will be!  Then, take some time to think what it would mean if a good number of these fellow leaders could be tied together for a greater cause; especially the Great Commission.”