We should choose to move from centeredness to the center. Great networkers learn how to mobilize and minister in the middle. They learn how to articulate vision from the middle. We need to learn how to lead from the middle, connect from the middle and develop a circumference of our life.

In recent years there’s been much written as it relates to leading from the middle, the three-sixty leader, and so on. My goal for this blog entry is to simply challenge us as networkers to develop a circumference of our lives, to see ourselves in the middle of that circle, and understanding that people are encircled all around us. And we develop a skill set as to how to connect them so that we might challenge people to believe God for the extraordinary, for the supernatural, for Great Commission outcomes.

As we explore the core, it is important for us to comprehend and be able to apply the very essence of networking, to be able to lead people from the middle. I realize you may be the founder of your network, you may be the originator of your movement. But great networkers understand that they’re not just leading from the front, they’re leading from the middle. We are to learn how to connect people and connect ideas and connect goals in a systematic and dynamic way. Even when you’re beginning your network, think about the circumference as you’re developing your network.