The Billion Soul Story




The Billion Soul Story is comprised of visionary leaders and history makers,
from every world region, who have chosen to double the size of the Global
Church in this generation. In 2001, two distinguished Christian leaders, from
two different generations and two diverse streams of Christianity, chose to
synergize their energies together to challenge the Body of Christ to plant
five million new churches for a Billion Soul Harvest. Today, the Billion Soul
Network is the largest pastors network in the world, representing more
than 2,000 different organizations and 500,000 churches in every nation.

When you read The Billion Soul Story, you will be encouraged in your heart,
enlarged in your mind, and empowered in your spirit. By the time you finish
reading this exciting story, you will see the hand of God at work in our world
from a new powerful vantage point like never before!


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