Are there limits to synergy?  Can a leader or a networker  hit the synergistic ceiling?  Recently I saw a book entitled, “Turning Your  Contacts Into Connections.”  This is not the essence of energy.  Yes,  contacts and connections are important; but this alone does not develop synergy  between people or organizations.  Over the years, I have come to the  conclusion, when a focused foundation is laid, one can build a synergistic  skyscraper.  Let me explain.
Just as one plus one does not always equal two, one plus one  plus one does not always equal three.  When you choose to invite another  key person into your “two,” then the compounding begins.  Then, this number  compounds even more when you add another synergistic person into your group of  “three” and so on.  However, the overarching principle is to make sure that  you add or bring like-minded, huge spirited people into your expanding network  or just one or two people can bring havoc to your life and organization.