Here are two principles to ponder and practice for networking in the global Church.  First, we have to mend out nets.  From time to time, we have to make time to renew ourselves and to reconnect with key people in our lives. 

Second, we have to measure our nets.  In other words, we need to examine the motives of our hearts.  The best measurement I have found is made up two rails on the same track of live.  While one rail is measured according to the fulfillment of the Great Commission, the other rail is measured according to giving account of our lives before the Lord.
Peter Mortlock often inspires me to believe the Lord for miracles in my life, family and ministry.  Five years ago this coming August, Pastor Mortlock, his lovely wife, Bev, and I visited Sir Edmund Hillary in his home.  Sir Edmund Hillary was the first leader to stand upon the roof of the world, Mount Everest!  As we walk through life, let’s create opportunities for us to grow as fellow leaders and make memories that will last us forever!  Have you mended your net today?