The Global Church continues to make enormous strides toward the planting of five million new churches for a Billion Soul harvest by the year 2020. The Billion Soul Initiative began in September, 2015, Dallas, Texas. At this global launch were 500 key leaders from 80 nations. All of us were focused on synergizing our efforts together to help double the size of the global Church in our generation.

As of last weekend, the global Church has collectively passed 3.3 million new church plants and 700 million coming to Christ. With this pace of growth, it is anticipated that the goal of 5 million new churches for a Billion Soul harvest will be reached ahead of schedule. The Body of Christ is growing faster today than ever before! Here are few stats:Graph

  • China: 45,000 per day
  • India: 20,000 per day
  • Africa: 20,000 per day
  • Latin America: 30,000 per day
  • Muslims: At least 20,000 per day


Even though Europe and North America have slowed down in evangelistic growth, there are strong remerging signs that another Spirit Awakening is on the horizon. When you survey as to who the Lord is raising up, you will come to the conclusion that God is not finished with these two regions. One key leader in Holland recently said, “If God was finished with Holland, then why did He call me here?”